ITS NOT RUGBY...!!! Yes we're sure ...and you will love it.

Aussie Rules Football is a super fun sport that will keep you fit and will bring out a whole new set of skills you never knew you had. With an all round active practice program, you can start on that road to be an athlete or be a far better one. Either way, the choice is still yours.

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  • What is Aussie Rules Football

    Aussie Rules Football, is a fast, high scoring action packed game.

    Watch this video to get up to speed with the competitive game. We also have a safe non tackle co-ed version anyone can play. It is huge fun as well. Come give it a try.

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Rome Redbacks Australian Rules Football, the very sport you've been waiting for.

AFLS Aussie Rules FootballYes you have seen our signs or us on Social Media. We are ready to see you come down and try Aussie Rules Football. We are starting social non tackle games soon and dont want you to miss out, but first come along to practice and we will teach you some of the skills. Don't worry, they are not hard to pick up. If you have played soccer, football, volleyball, baseball or basketball, or even run a bit of track, you will find this game fun, challenging and great for cross training or general fitness.

We are currently practicing Wednesday 5.00pm and Sunday 4.00pm at Tolbert Park, just off Martha Berry. Easy location. After practice on Wednesdays we might head to the River Dog Outpost for a few refreshments.

So who can come down? Anyone really, the social game can be played by anyone 14 to 64 , male or female. Come and try it out, you won't regret it.

If you want to check out the game of Social Aussie Rules Football some more, visit

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