Porto Futurus - Doorway to the Future

You might have wondered where our uniform design came from, well it is from a very large sculpture right here in Rome GA.

As you are entering Rome GA from the east you can't miss the striking sculpture that represents the ancient aquaducts of the European Roman era.

Called Porto Futurus - The Doorway To The Future, it was built in 2008 mainly from public funds and grants.

At the time E. Wright Ledbetter of the Rome Area Council for the Arts related;

"It was our goal to create a dynamic symbol for Rome and Floyd County, as we work together to face both the challenges and opportunities of being part of an evolving community. “Our design centers on three interpreted Roman aqueduct sections that intersect, symbolizing past, current and future efforts to convey our community toward its future.”"

The design now features on our playing guernseys and the back of our club polo shirts, to further link our club to the local community.
Porto Futurus Rome GA

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