Empowering Women Thru Footy

We welcome all women to try out our Aussie Rules football activities. Be challenged to grow mind and body with other women doing the same via a new sport that is a ton of fun, whilst developing great friendships.

Activities include. Exercise, jogging, coordination skills, stretching, hand eye skills like catching and kicking Aussie Footballs & mini games. All sessions are catered for all activity levels. So even if you haven't been a sports woman before there is still much you can gain from our group.
  • Duration : 45 mins- 1 hr max
  • Cost: Free (however waiver/hold harmless must be signed)
  • Bring: Water bottle, athletic shoes
  • Wear: Appropriate clothing for the weather & outdoor activites
  • Who: Any female wanting to try something different (no males will participate other than the trainer) 12-72 yrs, however Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult for the duration.
Come down on Saturday afternoons at 1:00pm at Ridge Ferry Park (Main Entrance). There is no cost.

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